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To All the Strangers I Miss…

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My dearest,

You first made my heart tremble when you asked me to go into the cloakroom and, mysteriously, whispered in my ear “Can I have a piece of your gum?”. Enchanted, I pulled half of it out of my mouth, and with my teeth clenched on the other half and with a huge smile, gave it to you. We were in kindergarten, and I thought you were the coolest guy on the planet. I was, after all, five years old! Please don’t be upset that I don’t remember your name, but you have taught me an important lesson: men can get whatever they want out of you with a simple smile.

Then there was you, the man who let me have his seat on the train when I was travelling at a difficult time in my life, after not having slept for weeks. I didn’t ask for it nor did I complain about my own narrow seat I was crawling into, numb with pain and fatigue. And you gently offered me your space – and you stood on your feet for two whole hours – and I could lay on your seat and mine and, for the first time, slept. With my head on your coat, I slept. And it was the best sleep I have ever had. It was a long time ago. But don’t worry, I remember you. You have shown me that kindness exists in the most random of situations, and it’s the most amazing thing.

You, the guy who gave me the perfect score in my exam, because although I seemed “tired and overworked”, you didn’t care about the little mistakes I made and saw my potential. And I was lucky that day, because so many people never have the imagination or the willingness to see the good in people. I owe you a debt – and it’s not the score; doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. But because you, who didn’t know me, believed in me. You have taught me that seeing the spark in people can give them wings.

And you, that guy in high school I thought was the love of my life for about a week, whose face I don’t even remember now. You, that girl who handed me a handkerchief when I was crying on the bus after finding out my best friend had passed away. And you, that old lady I helped walk home and who told me her life story in the process. (continuarea aici)

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